About Us

About Life is so Beautiful:

Life is so Beautiful is a non-profit site to promote the desire for a self-less world, a place where trust can be placed on anyone. The author aims to beautify the world in terms of mind.

Life is so Beautiful website is currently listing all the beautiful, inspiring and touching stories, quotes, pictures and video clips. This is a mild effort to recite beautiful values into everyone’s head. No religious topic or word shall be involved.

Our Beliefs:

Nothing is perfect but life can still be beautiful if everyone makes effort.

The world is good and bad in different aspects. There are countless things that can excite and make us happy, but there is also sad news every day. We should look at things at a different angle so that we can see the beautiful side of them. Everything happens for a reason and there is always pro and con; you may have lost something but you may end up getting something better in return. Cherish every moment of life.

Our Mission:

We aim to make this world a beautiful place for everyone to live in.

Future Goals:

We are working towards organizing free talks and activities for teenagers to learn values through fun. Other means of communicating good values to everyone is being considered.